Friday, June 26, 2009

Is He Really Dead?

Eyy, what happened to Michael Jackson? Is he really dead? Though I am not a big fan, I only listen to several songs of him as a matter of fact, but I want to know if the news is real. I found this when I was meaning to check my emails. Shall we recite Al-Fatihah? As some say that he has converted to be a muslim with Mikail (or something like that la) as his name. If he has not, then just forget about reciting Al-Fatihah for him OK. May he rest in peace.

Shall We Dance? Because This Is Going To Be FUN!

Semester is scheduled to start like ten days from now. *sob* And so, I was checking on my timetable (aww, feel like I am back at school by mentioning the word "timetable") for next semester. And I was so gay, (oh puh-leeez) to be having to get up real early since my beautiful weekdays will be filled with morning classes. Never in my life I have been a morning person, please take a note and credit to me. And I am too delight *gasping for air* to mention that Tuesdays are going to be my luckiest day, considering the fact that I am going to have seven (I repeat, SEVEN) hours of class that day. Geeee, thanks! I wonder how do I fix the schedule, to make it more sane, or in other words;
  1. not to wake me up too early for classes,
  2. to have more free time, (OK OK, I know it is way too much to ask for.)
  3. or at least to have a more balanced schedule. Yes, I want a well-balanced schedule. So badly.

But I am going to like Mondays, considering the fact that I am going to have just a two-hour class which will start only at 5.10 p.m. Cool, isn't it?

[p/s: All of sudden, I am feeling nostalgic. And I do maths before I sleep. Therefore, I am a total freak!]

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Daddy Cool

First of all, I don't want you to think that I am complaining here. I am not. This is just a story that I feel like sharing at the moment OK. No offense :D
Celebrating birthday, mother's day, father's day and things like that is not a practice in my family (or should I say mommy and daddy?) I don't know why. Oh how I always wish that we would celebrate those special days because it never fails me to feel a bit envious to see other people celebrating those special days with their families. Mommy always says that would not be necessary and I always protest saying that she has lack of sentimental values. So when come those days, I don't really know how to react. Basically, I will act normal; not that I don't care; how I wish (deep inside my heart) that we could celebrate it but nobody seems to care. I wish to change this situation, maybe once I am working. I am going to have my own money to spend for, I wish to treat mommy and daddy well of course for everyday of my life, and extra special for those special days with luxury and love. Not to forget, the siblings too.
My daddy is the coolest person I have ever known in this world. I have never been scolded, not even once in my entire twenty-three years of lifetime. Pukul lagilah tak pernah (note: I hate guys who hit. So much. I will never tolerate.) Even when I was acting real cranky. You see how cool is that? "My father is my survivor." I do still remember there was a time when I was little, I accidentally spilled a bowl of pudding made by mommy which was supposed to be presented to the guests who will come to our house that evening and my mommy was pissed off (yelah penat-penat buat pudding anak pegi tumpahkan pula) and so she was canning me. There came my daddy who saved me from being beaten. We (mommy, daddy, my little brother and I) were supposed to go watch a concert that night but because of the incident; that daddy was siding me, and kind of scolded her, (Oww, actually I don’t know how to term it, my father never rises his voice, but you know when you got him pissed.) mommy was sulking and refused to follow; end up I went there with my daddy. Just the two of us. Best jugak. Hehs :P

There were times when I’ve gone real bad and mommy punished me by locking me outside the house in the mornings, afternoons and even nights; daddy never fails to save me. (note: my mother is not an evil mother at all, just in case you start to have a wrong perception about her. I was a naughty girl when I was little. I pernah jek lastik kepala kawan sampai berdarah. You see how bad I was. Come mess with me, I dare you.)

I do still cherish the good moments with my daddy, when we play the video games together (my favorite game was Star Force or so it called; a spaceship which fights against the aliens. I was so much into the space back then, and still do. Maybe I should meet Sh. Muszaphar for a piece of advice. Hehs.) The time when we watch the WWE,( I adored braveheart, big daddy cool diesel, stone cold steve Austin, the rock, and a lot more.) Mac Gyver, Batman, Superman and Star Trek together. And the Incredible Hulk (I used to make fun of mommy, saying that she’s going to transform into that hulk once she gets angry. Haha. By the way, I fancy him. Or should I say ‘fancied’? I can't believe that I was following this series before when I watched it again now. How ridiculous this story could be, I have just realized.) And daddy will always allow me to go out with friends when mommy doesn't. I will always get my 'freedom' through my daddy. Hehs. Sorrylah emak. Jangan marah tau.
I used to go fishing with daddy too. (Jangan harap ah I nak jerit-jerit gedik kalau campak cacing kat I OK. Hehs.) Among the best times with daddy was when I was in primary school where my biggest fear was (and still) to cross the drain. There was a small drain in front of my class, so daddy has to hold and carry me into classroom every morning. All of my friends teased me, saying that I am a spoilt brat for that and I don’t even care; in fact, I was proud that my father loves me so much. Abah orang lain tak dukung pun anak dia kot. Haha. "Biarlah. Kau mesti jeles kan. Abah aku memang sayang aku." That was a smack the boys (budak perempuan bersopan sikit) got when they questioned the act. Maaflah kawan-kawan, but that's the fact :P Even until today, I still think that my friends were being jealous of me back then. Haha. And there was one time where the small bridge to cross the drain was disrupted, (this is about another drain outside the school, one which is way bigger) I was crying because I was too afraid to hop and cross it, so my friend had to go to my house and get my parents to come down to pick me up and carry me home after almost an hour I was stuck there. Silly! I will always break into a small smile once I pass through it. Amused by the thought of my childhood years. *smile* *smile*

There are so much more to mention of my happy moments with my father. If I am to list it down, I am certain it would take longer than an entry. I feel really awkward to be posting this (I've never expressed my heart for the family. Loser.) but I would really want daddy to know that even though I didn’t wish him “Happy Father’s Day” I do treasure all the moments of my life with him. Though my daddy doesn’t own a private jet to fly me to where ever place I want as I always dreamed, (sorrylah abah, anak berangan tanpa batasan. anak kan memang suka berangan.) though my daddy doesn't own a hotel to let me partying in, (abaikan abaikan) though my daddy doesn't rain me with million of ringgit, though my daddy doesn't even celebrate my birthday, that doesn’t fail him to be the best father in the world. I am grateful to be blessed with a super cool father who leads our wonderful happy family successfully. Happy Father’s Day, Abah. I love you so much. *sob*
[p/s: I think my sitemeter and a few other features like profile views are not funtioning anymore. I was not able to view the traffic quite sometime now. Plus my paragraphs will go wild everytime I click on that 'publish' button. So annoying. How do I fix it? Anyone? Thank you in advance. Or maybe I should just remove it. *mode: tertekan dengan teknologi* double shit. tripple sob. wuwuwu.]

Monday, June 22, 2009

Quick Update

Holla! This is going to be just a short and quick update from me, don't worry. I missed my blog's birthday! Hahaha. *straight face* Say happy birthday to the blog, everyone.
I tell you what, we (mommy and I) were nearly dead as our house was almost caught on fire yesterday afternoon. Mommy forgot that she was frying the fries, after quite sometime the pan was burning. I was shocked to death and mulalah panic attack and I screamed as if I saw a ghost. Don't blame me, it's my spontaneous act; it's either I'll be screaming with all my heart or I will stay still, and this time it's a scream. I do not wish to tell more of this because it freaks me out up to this very moment when it comes to roll back in my mind. This incident has made me thinking. I still have today when I can go teasing my siblings, ( hey I tease because I love :) ) get gossipy with friends, go outing with the darlings and do whatever I want to do but what about tomorrow? We will never know what will happen the next minute, hour or day. Therefore, I will try to make the best of what I have, I'll work harder this time, will be putting my full passion in everything I do. I do not want to have more upcoming regrets. Because life is short as they say but how 'short' is short, only God knows. Thank you Allah for giving us the chance to still be living.

I missed my second cousin's wedding too (whom I have known since I was thirteen. Have I ever told you that I got to know him from MIRC through SBP's channel? Speaking of that SBP's channel, it used to be my territory when I was in secondary school, I was a techno geek back then. Haha. We chatted like two years before we got to know that we are related; that he's my second cousin. It was the school break, and there I was, asking him about his plan for the school break. He said he's going to the granny's and I was asking him where on earth that would be and he gave me a word that made me fainted. It's "Krubong"; my kampung too. Funny, huh? We were close since then. And he's the second person that I know to have such a looooong name beside my cousin.) because daddy is not around. To abg zooul, congratulations on your wedding. May He bless you with happiness, amin. I missed the meet-up session with my best cousin too.
I missed quite a lot of things this week. But I have got a lot of good news too. And good news lagi banyak kot. Thank God. (That would be one of the reasons why I did not blog for these few days. Hehs. The toxicated side of me has been eliminated. Yeay! Haha.) Talking of which, I just want to get back to the "eight toxic behavior" thing since am and a few of my other friends were requesting me for the link. I have tried so hard to remember, I don't think this is the one, but I think this is quite similar to the one that I have had a quick glance at before. Please do not rate me into that "type one" OK. Hehs. Kindly visit:
Have a good day, people!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Oh-My-God! I have been abandoning my blog like a week now. The reason being, why I did not post anything since last week is that I am too lazy to write. Plus there's nothing much happened. No wedding to be attended. Ow, actually there was a very big thing but I wish not to discuss and I prefer to put that on a hold. I have crossed a page on yahoo about "eight toxic behavior" or something like that which discusses on eight kind of people that we should avoid to ensure that those toxic behavior will not give bad influence to us. I have not read the whole article but I don't want you to think that I am toxicated. Because I have been writing the sad moments of my life all this while, I wish this toxicated side of me did not give influence to your mood OK. It's not that I don't have happy moments in life; I have a lot of it, indeed. It's just that I would prefer to express the sadness within me; the happy thoughts are hard to describe; they are more than words I would say.

Well I seriously have nothing to bring up here. Everything goes on like before. I mean some of my dreams still come true, and some did not. I am still enjoying my holiday, still pampering myself with long sleep but not that deep ( I found out that my sleep is easier to be interrupted these days. Maybe because of a few things that have been rolling on my mind, or maybe just because I have had enough of it.) I still have high level of curiousity to know of how my future will be like, I do hate cockroaches, still. And I still adore the same American accent more (but still live in the middle of it; still being indecisive whether to adopt American accent which I have been adoring all my life, I do mean the rolling 'R' or British accent which appears to have higher prestige and which we were taught to be living with especially during foundation year. Or should I say I do not have the courage too? Ah speaking of accent, I have encountered a few situations where I have to repeat what I was saying twice because the two of us (speaker-listener) do not speak the same accent. Especially when it comes to the foreigner. Oh this is my secret activity that should not be exposed.) I think I should have decided by now, and shall I stick with it for the rest of my life, or until I get bored with the accent since I'll be going to do my practicum next year. I ought to make myself more intelligible and ehem, convincing. I should gain more confidence (ey, what's wrong with my keyboard? Some alphabets did not want to appear on the screen though I have been pressing on it with a great pressure. This simply pissed me off.)

Let's just cut it off, two days from now is going to be the first birthday of the blog. This blog was officially activated on June 19th, last year with its first welcome entry. I should start searching on beneficial themes to post on its birthday. I wish to make a post on that accent thingy later. Will be back, soon.

[p/s: I have activated my myspace back. Feel free to add me up. You know how to find me, don't you? Oh OK, you don't. Here I'll be.]

Sunday, June 7, 2009

I Would...

really appreciate if you could send me an email (it's free baby, it's free!) or an sms (this might cost you a penny or so) or even an offline message through the messenger (I don't mind getting more than one, however, it's my pleasure) saying at least a simple "Hi" (or something like that) or or and a quick update of what you are up to (shall I add if you have extra time to spend on me) and the three words (if you really mean it, for the deep impact) to me everyday, just so I know that you are still alive. It would really help to make my day. Don't you know that how much I hate to feel insecure? So, would you, please? Make me feel lucky, to be living in 2009, (not 1000 b.c.) with great technology. Oh Please.

Friday, June 5, 2009


Hi. Above is the book that I mentioned before. It touches my heart to know that my parents were looking forward for my existence in this world. On the first page was stated my father's name and the date of purchase I guess; it was on August 28th, 1985, seven months before I was born. Terima kasih abah dan emak, saya sungguh terharu. Nasib baik tak dapat abah yang macam dalam iklan Ambank tu. Alhamdulillah.

And so, I have a sneak peek (Luckily my mommy and daddy were not around this week; it enables me to have an ample time to read through the book. I don't think they are going to like the fact that I've read this book, otherwise they have displayed the book at the place that everybody can see it, takdelah nak sorok dalam almari, betul tak?) and I would say that the book is quite useful for a novice parent for a start. It covers from deciding to get pregnant up to several days when the baby is already born and those are stated in details. And some parts are enjoyable (giggles paling gedik) but most are informative. (muka serius ok.) I have an instinct saying that the author is somewhat hillarious too. Read this; "...unless she is feeling nauseous encourage her to eat and drink as she wants. Natural fruit juice and honey contain sugars which will give her plenty of energy. You should eat something too." (I quote this from a part of the book which falls under "advice for birth assisstant" for the first-stage delivery.) Don't you think that this line is funny? I do. Because the previous lines were talking about serious matters, of the symptoms la, of the help that the birth assisstant a.k.a the husband can offer to reduce the pain as well as to help stabilizing the wife's emotion, which appear critical to me, tetiba penulis ajak pulak orang tu makan sama. Tak kelakar ke? Orang tengah serius dan cemas ni kot. Comel jek.

Above were the pictures that were taken during the family day last month. (haha. last month.) Unfortunately, I didn't have the picture when we tried the banana-boat-riding. It was fun, really. Another wishlist is checked now :)

These are the pictures of my friends; zuhairi and amizanah, together with my sister and I when we went out for the movie trip. Tetiba tersesat pergi Pesta Sungai Melaka dan Muzium Samudera. Wish we have SLR camera.

And these were pictures from random occasions. The first five pictures were meant for my birthday celebration. (had three cakes this year. balas dendam for last year, no cake at all since my rent house was robbed on my birthday. Dugaan.) The rest were taken when we went out for movies (oh I love Star Trek since forever. and X-Men too. However Terminator Salvation was not a WOW movie. Too bad. Can't wait for Harry Potter and Transformers. Speaking of Transformers, it reminds me of a few other superheroes that I grew up with. Like He Man, Go Go Power Rangers--oh-so-cute-Jason, G.I. Joe, Japanese superheroes like Ultraman, Maskman, Flashman, Suria Baja Hitam, etc. I did enjoy watching cartoons like Carebears, Jem--me and my best cousin used to buy glitter stickers in star-shape, red in color, then we pasted it as earring, kononlah nak jadi Jem, haha, sumpah terpengaruh, The Adventure of Tom Sawyer, Tomatoman, Sailormoon, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, etc. It's so strange that none of my friends can recall watching those cartoons when they were little. Haisyy.) Apart from that there were pictures when we go out dating haha. Kidding. Ada masa earth hour, ada masa merayau-rayau sekitar ibu kota dan juga sesi ke perpustakaan bila nak periksa. (sebab kat rumah sangat panas. global warming kan.) I think this is all. Penat la upload gambar ni. technology is not my passion anyway. Take care everyone.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Kalau tak suka cakap tak suka. Kalau suka jaga elok-elok lah. Susah ke? Tak mo layan, dah, tak payah layan.

p/s 1 : hey Mister, tak payah lah kau nak appear offline tetiba bila aku online. macam aku nak borak dengan kau sangat. kau fikir kau kacak aku heran kah?
p/s 2 : kau yang appear permanently offline kat aku pun takpa, aku dah tak kisah lah. alah bisa tegal biasa la bak kata orang. nanti bila orang yang kau sayang buat kat kau macam tu semula, nah kau rasalah balik. ye tak?
p/s 3 : sape-sape tak suka aku boleh blah sekarang. go to hell. aku tak kisah pun.
p/s tambahan : hey kau, kau, dan kau si mulut jahat, nak kena lempang?