Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Oh-My-God! I have been abandoning my blog like a week now. The reason being, why I did not post anything since last week is that I am too lazy to write. Plus there's nothing much happened. No wedding to be attended. Ow, actually there was a very big thing but I wish not to discuss and I prefer to put that on a hold. I have crossed a page on yahoo about "eight toxic behavior" or something like that which discusses on eight kind of people that we should avoid to ensure that those toxic behavior will not give bad influence to us. I have not read the whole article but I don't want you to think that I am toxicated. Because I have been writing the sad moments of my life all this while, I wish this toxicated side of me did not give influence to your mood OK. It's not that I don't have happy moments in life; I have a lot of it, indeed. It's just that I would prefer to express the sadness within me; the happy thoughts are hard to describe; they are more than words I would say.

Well I seriously have nothing to bring up here. Everything goes on like before. I mean some of my dreams still come true, and some did not. I am still enjoying my holiday, still pampering myself with long sleep but not that deep ( I found out that my sleep is easier to be interrupted these days. Maybe because of a few things that have been rolling on my mind, or maybe just because I have had enough of it.) I still have high level of curiousity to know of how my future will be like, I do hate cockroaches, still. And I still adore the same American accent more (but still live in the middle of it; still being indecisive whether to adopt American accent which I have been adoring all my life, I do mean the rolling 'R' or British accent which appears to have higher prestige and which we were taught to be living with especially during foundation year. Or should I say I do not have the courage too? Ah speaking of accent, I have encountered a few situations where I have to repeat what I was saying twice because the two of us (speaker-listener) do not speak the same accent. Especially when it comes to the foreigner. Oh this is my secret activity that should not be exposed.) I think I should have decided by now, and shall I stick with it for the rest of my life, or until I get bored with the accent since I'll be going to do my practicum next year. I ought to make myself more intelligible and ehem, convincing. I should gain more confidence (ey, what's wrong with my keyboard? Some alphabets did not want to appear on the screen though I have been pressing on it with a great pressure. This simply pissed me off.)

Let's just cut it off, two days from now is going to be the first birthday of the blog. This blog was officially activated on June 19th, last year with its first welcome entry. I should start searching on beneficial themes to post on its birthday. I wish to make a post on that accent thingy later. Will be back, soon.

[p/s: I have activated my myspace back. Feel free to add me up. You know how to find me, don't you? Oh OK, you don't. Here I'll be.]


laki cikgu kimia said...

tergezut saye terpandangkan nama am di kotak pekikan sebelah. Ingatkan diri sendiri. Ingatkan sudah lupa. Oh bukan.

eh di mana kita tadi?

fareHana said...

i think i fancy Cockney accent more than American accent. hehe

SyAhiRah LaLAla said...

laki cikgu kimia:
haha. funny u. kita masih dsini. tak kemana lagi :P

aww,,u should teach me that Cockney accent too. im still seaching for an identity [ala-ala identity confusion pula] :P

Qasiyh said...

I prefer Brit accent...

SyAhiRah LaLAla said...

Brit accent mmg sedap tapi i mcm fail la nak tiru. diphthongs and thriphthong dia mcm complicated. maklumlah lidah melayu. heheh. american accent mcm senang sikit la kot sebab we grow up with it kan,,kt TV sume kn. tp i really like ur "tweet my arse" tu adik. cool gila ;)