Thursday, June 19, 2008

A Start

Hi, people!

It took me an age to decide whether to start blogging or not. And since I have promised myself to start blogging and it was listed in my to-do list for my New Year’s Make-A-Wish, so here I am, blogging! (Finally!) Announcing that I am a newborn in this arena of blog thing, with the hope that you people would really lend me your helpful hands and food of thoughts in order to make this blog colorful, entertaining and yet, beneficial. It is also hope that by having this blog, I could improve myself in many ways, like in language aspects for example, to make an all-rounded me into realization and to make this world a better place to live in (or at least to make this blog as a stop for peace and serenity, ececeh ) Quite ambitious but still it’s possible to achieve,right? *Winking*

I have such a lot of things to share and I feel that I have enough time to explain my thoughts and feeling (since it’s semester break) but I am too afraid of what people might see me as. I am afraid that we don’t really share the same values in life. I don’t want to sound awkward if I post something that totally against others’ values. I want to be accepted in a way that we are treasuring at least quite a same belief or at least make me feel OK of sharing something, not to make me feel bad for having that kind of thought. We people do need approval. So do I. What a poor thing!

Before I end up writing this blog, there were such a bunch of things that I have put into consideration. I always ask myself if it’s OK to share my personal things in this blog, say maybe to share a little bit of my interest in committing myself into serious relationship for instance. But it’s pretty much like giving people a full access to your life and your secret will never be a secret anymore, and the whole world now make known of it and there’s no more privacy for you. I really want to share a few things that are happening in my life so that I can have feedbacks in terms of opinion and advice; hence I will be having a wider view into things. But this one thing disturbs me most. It’s about my potential reader. What if the potential readers of this blog are people that know me well? What if the things that I’ll post are related to them? What would they say? How about their perception? Would they be OK with the fact that I have that kind of thoughts and perception towards them? Would they take it as what it is? Why oh why am I so in denial? Or maybe I am thinking too much. Am I?

I am a person with full of doubts. I am afraid that I’ll bore everyone to death. I doubt what to share in this blog. If possible, I would like to post something that is beneficial to every one of us, not to talk merely about the same boring things, too stereotype. But when I think back, it’s me myself that in need of satisfaction, It’s me myself that I want to impress, not others. I am writing out of my passion and for myself satisfaction. And it’s my blog anyway. I am free to write whatever I like regardless of anything. Maybe I am just too busy to please people all these while. I’ll stop doing that. You may have your view on things and I’ll respect that but I may not agree with you, and I’ll have my own too. That’s how life likes!

So here, I would like to take this opportunity to apologize in advance, to the people that I might end up writing things about them in the future. I just can’t help myself from writing about you people, that we are related in such ways and I just can’t avoid it to happen. I hope that you people really don’t mind of what I am going to write. I have decided to write things that I like and I have decided that I want to make this blog as a platform for me to express myself, to reveal the very true of me. Pardon me. Now that I have to stop here. Till then.