Wednesday, January 12, 2011


 I think God loves me that He sent me bunch of people who really care. And thoughtful. And kind. (besides supportive family.) Thanks darling girls. I really appreciate it. I have just realized that having a few nice friends is more meaningful than having lotsssssss of friends who just don't care. But to make enemy is never a good resort.
Thoughtful Amalina and Kind Adibah :)

Caring Yuyu

Ehem. couple of the year ni. Lovely Mimi n the bf

My Mr. Notty [dikala muda remaja]

Understanding Rain
Makan-makan dgn Rain

Hugging Yuyu.
Hari meneman Amalina survey barangan perkahwinan bersama Adibah.

Hanging out sambil mengusik the sweet couple.

Thank God for them.

I know

I know my status on FB was controversial. I just can't hold it anymore. Because I think all this while I have been very patient, even when my precious belongings were thrown away just like that, and my other stuff were used for soooooooo many times without my permission.  I believe asking permission and respecting others' belongings are universal values that we should hold onto until we die. Or shall I say "I don't fucking care if you don't practice those good values as long as you stay out of my way" as to reveal the selfish part of me. Maybe you were thinking that I didn't notice it but for god's sake I did. For all times. It's just that I hate to bring up issues like this because I treat you like family but you just went overboard. You took advantage on me. You should feel ashamed of yourself.

Monday, January 3, 2011

My December :)


  1. I'm getting married! (in two to three years of time. haha. Insyaallah.)
  2. I drove. Oh yes. I DROVE a car! It was last two weeks, the boyfriend's car, from Kuantan to Karak. And I can't stop smiling for fifteen minutes once I hand in the key back to him. I was really proud of myself that I finally managed to make use of the used-to-be-for-display-purpose-only license. I really can't describe the feeling; it's the mixture of excitement, nervous, enthusiasm, and proud all at once but it was a pleasure experience I would say. For the rest of people in the entire world, it really means nothing, except for me. Thanks for making me believing, Mr. Sweetheart. And thanks too for believing in me, risking your car and yourself. Haha. I thought of asking him to capture my picture as I drive but I didn't say it out loud. I need to focus, remember? :P But I'll still put pictures, don't worry.
  3. It took me about an hour and half to reach Karak with the range of 90 to 110 speed. I was forbidden to go beyond 110. Not that bad anyway I think. I got the chance to overtake and park the car too. Haha. Biarlah, nak cerita jugak! Once the boyfriend took over, he sped up, so that we could reach Shah Alam on planned time. "Hoi hoi encik, apakah u bawak laju sangat ni?" "Oh I nak cover balik yang u bawak slow tadi." Poyonya anda encik! ZzzzzZZzzzzz.
  4. I transformed the cute CCQ into a cargo container once we reached Shah Alam. Kasihan anda, CCQ. But we bought the cute CCQ new perfume as reward. Hehs. 
  5. We stopped at R&R Seremban for lunch at 4. (it's so weird that we didn't take even a picture that day. Maybe because we're in hurry. The family is moving in new house on the same day.) On the way back, the bf asked if I want tangerine when he saw a stall selling it. I was touched because he still remembers that I like tangerine, the fact that I told him a couple of years back when we chatted. Sorry, I cannot help. It's just another part of me. I ended up smiling wide showing my crooked teeth. And he said I was crazy. 
  6. I'm so happy that his family is now living across the street. So it makes us neighbours! Haha. The good thing is that it enables us to go out for one last time before he went back for work, once a month.
  7. Oh yes, the week before, I went out with little sister to watch Narnia. I wanted to watch Harry Potter but I watched Narnia, instead. I didn't enjoy Narnia this time. I wonder whether it's just me because I'm reaching 25 or is it just because the storyline is now predicted? or is it because it's just plain boring? Rapunzel was a bit more entertaining as compared to Narnia I think. Despite the fact that I didn't fancy Narnia anymore now, (not like Dekha and Aizad, they liked the story well, still) the day went well as I got 10% discount for coffee out of a sincere smile. What a wonderful world :) 
  8. Last week on Tuesday, I went out to meet Cikgu Amizanah. We chatted and shopped. It was a great catching up session. We laughed all the way. She now acts out the characteristics of a teacher, really. I'm impressed!
  9. I spent this weekend with my dear Rain. The details will be posted tomorrow because I had to wait for Rain to online and transfer the pictures we took. So for the time being, ini sahajalah gambar yang mampu di muat-naik :)
berpanas for Narnia! hoh. next to me is my sister anyway.
Christmas madness people! hehs.

i think i would buy this shirt if it's cheaper by 10rm.
oh this one was taken after my sister and i watched Rapunzel.

with Cikgu Amizanah garang :D Meet Cikgu Amizanah everyone.

Ini sesi membeli-belah bersama cikgu Amizanah la :D Saje nak bagi Mimi panas :P

Oh ini lunch date before Aizad went back. Till we meet again, Mr.

Nah nah. I put, as requested, dengan ingatan tulus ikhlas :)