Saturday, November 29, 2008


As the result of being a great and successful procrastinator, here I am, posting a three-in-a-row tag games that I had mentioned before. I am done with reading the novel anyway, and I won't say it's the best novel (romance in range) that I have ever read (though it gives quite clear and deep explanation of everything which is good for an investigative type of person like me but sometimes I find it was quite distracting. Maybe that distraction was the same kind of feeling that Jack and my friends get when I am demanding for more details upon things. Sorry, I can't help myself.) but to my surprise kan, the novel has exactly the same way as well as the same place of how my dream proposal should be and the venue it should take place. Sheesh. Tak aci lah cemni. (I suspect that author must be an investigative type of person, just like me, due to her way of putting things that she explains things in detail and she has my imagination. Hehs.) And I really wish that I was that Claire that Jack is about to propose. At the London Eye. Drama. (Pardon me, I am one of a kind. A daydreamer I mean. I do daydream. A lot.) Enough of it, let's just get started.

OK. This one for SekdaComel punya. I don’t think that this one is sexy but I don’t know what else to put because I am running out of picture. Just got my computer reformat so I am left with only this few pictures.

Yang ini pula untuk DilaRaden punya game.

  1. Oh I like that picture though it is a blurry image but I think I look adorably tall and gigantic. (I always think that tall and gigantic women are far more outstanding and stunning in comparison with women like my size, five-foot tall. Just my luck to grow such way.)

  2. Perempuan gemuk tengah makan memang sexiness yang evergreen. Me, a few years back.

  3. Pouty lips kan memang seksi. Kan? Hehs. (Oh. Ni zaman agak jahiliah, by the way.)

Here comes adik Qasiyh punya pulak. This one is the toughest. Perihal Tujuh.

1. 7 ciri wanita/lelaki idaman anda.
Baikhatipemurahpenyayang. Palingcomel. Educated. Civilized. Berperwatakanmenarik. Responsible. Tidakhottempered (hot takpe). and the list goes. On and on. Hehs.

2. 7 wanita/lelaki yang pernah anda minati sepanjang hidup.
DeanCain. RickyMartin. AkoMustafa. Adam the black Rangers from “Power Rangers The Movie”. Si A dari kelas 4 Omega 2002 (ohohoh). Andres. Tentulah Encik Jack (save the best for the last. Weee). dan Batman juga. DauMingXi. RichardGere. [saya tampilkan sepuluh jejaka. oh.] AnuarZain. TheRock. (OK now it's twelve. enoughhhhh! *screaming to myself*)

3. 7 perasaan sekiranya keluar dengan seseorang yang anda minati.
Terbang. Nervous. Excited. RasaTidakMahuPulang. RasaNakFreezeTheTimeBiarSceneItuSajekForeverAndEver. GembiraSudahTentu. Malu-maluSikitPunSamaKot.

4. 7 tempat istimewa yang ingin dilawati bersama pasangan anda.
I want to go around the world. Serious shit. Tapi Ferris Wheel wajib pergi (sebab mahu di propose di situ) and Spain juga.

5. 7 barangan/sesuatu istimewa yang mungkin akan anda hadiahkan pada pasangan anda. Diri saya (darab tujuh). (oh apakah?)

6. 7 tajuk lagu yang akan anda nyanyikan untuk pasangan anda.
That’s When I Love You by Aslyn. Stay by Estrella. Everything by Michael Buble. I Turn To You by Christina Aguilera. I Love You by Celine Dion. All the love songs in the world. Dan juga Potential Break-up Song by Aly and AJ (bila bergaduh. Hahaha.).

7. 7 rakan yang anda tag dan mahu mereka buat PERIHAL 7 ini.WAJIB!!mereka musti diberitahu akan perihal ini. hehehe. (soalan membunuh kan?) Mineralove. SekdaComel. Qish. Nad. Moq A. Aimi. Pakcik Luar Otak.

Sila kawan-kawan. Jawab kesemuanya. (sekarang kan cuti semester. hehs.) Have A Nice Day!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

At Least Not Today

Welcome me, hell. So at the age of twenty-two, I’ve been turned into an orphan. Practically, anyway. My father has gone for work and my mother was just too busy taking care of my sick granny at her hometown. And my other siblings were out with their own agenda. Like I fucking care. I swear I’d rather be at my rent house, taking care of myself and my own stuff rather than being locked up here at home and get that “shitness” (is there such word? If there isn't any, let it be just shit then.) back in return to what I did, from laundering to cooking, you name it, to all the sacrifice I have made just to take care of the siblings. What would you feel if your youngest sibling throws words (that I consider myself rude) that you by any way could not tolerate instead of “Thank you” to you? (Well as Malacca citizen, swearing is never a big deal anyway, but when it comes from people you are least expected to hear, it counts. Especially from one who is less superior to you. It does matter, really.) I feel like slapping her tight, right on the face but was somehow managed to calm down and absorbed myself with the book I was reading. And I swear I would never care of what might happen to her anymore. I swear. Well, at least not today.

When I read back my happy post, it was such a lame entry. Too boring. And I didn’t like it. I even thought of deleting it but to recall back on how much effort I was putting on arranging the pictures on top of it, I am afraid that I have to make it stay. To a novice person like me, it is quite something to have done such a wonderful work. Now that I am all alone at home, I thought of working on the tag games that I am left with but my mood has ruined. But still, I will try to work on it tonight. It’s hard to get myself online because we have to take turn on the usage of the internet because we are still using cable down here. My father bought the router like thousand years ago; it’s just that my brother was such a tremendous procrastinator who seems to procrastinate on setting the things up so we are left with this lousy-wired connection and the siblings are giving me hard times when I really wanted to get myself online. (Hey, I have my own agenda too, here in the virtual world, for me to do the things I was doing on daily basis, for like almost every minute of my every day.) The timetable they are having sounds perfectly ridiculous. And I don’t even know where to butt in since it seems to be fully occupied for twenty-four hours of every day. (They have it fixed.) Double shit.
[note: The second time I read through this post, I had moral qualms about posting of my little-quarrel with the sister and just can't help myself from getting the feeling like a complete idiot, for bringing it up here, a sister-from-hell kind of feeling, you know. And the thought of being one is terrible. But I need to let my feelings out too. I am only human. I hope you don't get me wrong. I do love my sister, of course, and my brothers too, but sometimes I just can't avoid the scene from happening, that's it all. We will get through it by morning, I am pretty sure because I am always at a failure of holding it on for long since I hate the suffering that I have to go through for getting mad at people, at almost all occasion.]

A Happy Post

About a month ago, my sister has made me realize that I am leading such not-a-healthy life when we went out for dinner at KFC and she realized that I was eating the not-healthy-at-all parts of the fried chicken and she looked at me with a great shock on the face then asked me “Sejak bila awak makan kulit ayam ni?” I replied her with a blank gaze. And I was recalling hardly of the exact time when I get that bad habit; eating the chicken skin. Then I remember I started to indulge myself with those unhealthy food exactly from last semester. Ahha. Just because I think it is OK to have those once in a blue moon but unfortunately it became a habit then. I have stopped exercising too since most of my classes started at evenings and ended at nights, and I must say that I am not a morning person (have tried to be one before but the attempt came to a failure. Oh maybe I was not determined enough that time. Will give it a try again, some other time, definitely.) so I hardly found time to exercise. That was last semester. And so it applies to this semester too. (though my classes started at 8.30 every morning, I still can hardly find time to exercise. Lazy bum.) The continuance of last semester’s bad habits had made me gained weight. But to gain weight does not give me a goose bump because I do not give a damn, until my sister pointed that out, that I am leading an unhealthy way of being, in a few ways actually. So I think I am going to find time to exercise, and fix everything up and to stay healthy.

Oh, it's not what I am to write actually. This entry is supposed to be a happy entry; that I am going to write on happy things that happened to me. Once the examination ended, my darling Rose has decided to move out of the house so we went out as housemates for the last time, the three of us. I accompanied them to karaoke session. (I am too shy to sing in front of people, and should you note that video games, karaoke sessions, bowling matches are not the ways of how I indulge myself. I will dine in at place that I can’t afford to dine in everyday as one way of pampering myself; I do not mind spending on things I like, yeah, why not, I mean once a while, for you will benefit yourself from your own money, right? But of course I have to get things into plan so I won’t end up bankrupt.) Oh before that, I did go to KLCC in the middle of examination fever to keep my friends accompanied that they wanted to buy a few books for the literature class next semester and I managed to grab a novel for myself, the one that I am currently reading (but it was not as good as “Can You Keep A Secret” as well as “What’s Love Got To Do With It?” I am not keen to read it but anyways, I will try to finish it in the nearest time since I have “The secret Diary of Adrian Mole Aged 13¾” to be read too.)

The next day, went to salon to keep the darling accompanied as she wanted to do rebonding the hair and I have had a haircut too, a retouch I should say so now I am having a super short hair cut. My friends like it somehow. They say I look much younger and some say chicky. I am genetically incapable of accepting a compliment, and had to fight back a nearly irrepressible urge to deny. But I managed to swallow hard and say "Thanks" with a tight-lipped smile. But to me, the new cut makes me look slightly chubby. Oh I don't care of it anymore. So that night, we went to watch “Impak Maksima the Musical”. I would like to thank abg Dex for making my dream into realization that we were the VIPs that night. We were seated at the second-front row and I could see the stage clearly until I was able to identify tiny spots of the show in which I am pretty sure that the back ventures would not be able to. And the show was wonderful, really. For some people, it may mean nothing. I mean, to be seated at the VIP’s row since it happens like everyday, but to a nothing-special girl like me who always get the cheapest seat, it’s such a big deal. I really appreciate that. Thank you, abg Dex. Luckily we were allowed to get in though we showed up pretty late that night due to traffic jam and heavy rain and I should thank adik Afif too for the drift that I nearly die due to the swift. Hoho. And I got to see Zed Zaidi in-person and took picture with him. (Let me clarify something. I am not a type of girl who is obsessed with celebrities. Even Siti Nurhaliza doesn’t impress me much. But that night, I think I acted like one, I do not know why, though I am not a big fan of Zed Zaidi, that I would prefer Ako Mustafa more, still I was chasing him for picture-taking. Blame the hormones for making me so energetic. And people, of course I didn’t make it that obvious that I really wanted to take the picture but hey, I got a picture with him, anyway! With the help of a staff of Istana Budaya that used to be abg Dex punya kawan, so he brought us to the dining hall and met the artist there. Maybe because I wanted to make one of my friends jealous since she’s a big fan of Zed Zaidi, that she never misses the “Sembilu Kasih” slot as far as I am concerned. You may blame the black side of me for having such idea. She initially came up with the idea of watching the show in which I have never thought of going to, but once I have arranged everything, she didn’t want to join. So I was quite pissed off. This kind of things always happen to me especially when I am dealing with the girlfriends that sometimes I think it is always way easier to deal with my boyfriends but I would always wanting for the girlfriends’ companion. For once I have planned everything, the person who initially came up with the idea would be unable to join and I am left with frustrations, and problems! But babe, it’s OK, you are forgiven. We had a blast. I feel sorry for myself for having such bad intention; to make you jealous, is quite cruel. Too bad that you missed it. Sorry. Jangan kecil hati, OK.)

The next day, I went back to my hometown with my dear cousin. The best friend of her is getting married next week so she thought of throwing her helping hands on things and so, I got to meet the bride and we went to the mall to do some surveys on the dowry she wanted to add. While they were browsing through things, I got myself free samples of skincare products that I think will cost me such handsome amount of money if I am about to buy them. Then we headed to GSC, (the new one which is located at the heart of the city) since the department of that kakak is holding a day-out with the client, so they included a movie-watching session in and I got the chance to join too. We walked to the mall from Mahkota Parade and the feeling I get that time was great. You just can’t imagine how much I miss the night-outs, the sightseeing session at nights would always be my favorite! The breezy wind, the scenery of the town at night, it is perfectly amazing! I got free ticket to watch Madagascar 2 together with free popcorn and soft drink. So I conclude that those three days were my lucky days. I am sorry if you may find this entry would be a bit annoying. I didn’t mean to show off. I just wanted to share of the good things that happened to me. And I think writing on happy entry is not my expertise, honestly. I may sound offensive sometimes, don’t you think so? But please do not take offense over it, OK.

So now, I am left with three tag games which I think I will be posting in the nearest time. Thank you to Sekdacomel, Qasiyh and DilaRaden for tagging me. It’s such an honor to know that people are remembering you. Hehs. Oh I love to exaggerate, don’t I?

Saturday, November 8, 2008

It's a Girl Thing

Hi people! How are you doing? I am fine here. Oh at least for today and yesterday. A lot of things happened these days. Someone (Oh I mean a couple) that least expected to talk behind my back, talked behind my back. Oh it’s OUR back, pardon me. People had lost their courtesy these days, I do not know why. I am not saying that I am the most courteous girl among all but I think I do not have the guts to talk of my darlings behind their back.

OK, let’s just move on. I had a real long catching-up session last Thursday, when we had finished our BEL500 paper. The paper was OK. I think it was. Once finished, we went to a car wash as my friends wanted to wash their cars so adat menumpang, ikut sajeklah mana mereka pergi. There were thirteen of us. It was great since we were not catching up with each other quite sometimes due to numerous factors. And you know how much I enjoy going out and hanging around with my girl friends, even to the car wash rather than being locked up at home and ended up boring myself to death. We went for lunch at a restaurant called “Restoran Mulus” and it cost us such a fortune. OK. I am not trying to exaggerate but the price was quite expensive in comparison of what we have as students but the best part is mine was the cheapest among all though I took almost the same dishes. “Mungkin I kelihatan seperti muka budak comot yang amat kasihan kot.” I have told my friends. And they laughed. Betul lah tu. Hehs.

I was then engaged with three of my friends, talking about blogs while others were carried away with news in the newspaper of a 19-year-old girl who married a rich man of 40 years old, given a Mercedes Benz and a million ringgit plus hired as the board members at the same time she has become one of the biggest share holder of the company, automatically. Oh, my friends. But we do not talk bad things about people OK, I remind you, we never did. Yes, we did gossiping when we gather but we do not bad-mouthing, especially of our darlings. As for me, I will stay away from your business as long as you do not mess with me. Haven’t your mama told you don’t play with fire? If you do not like me, or what I am doing, just tell me, but make it in an appropriate way, oh of course, or else I will cry. (Though I am fragile, very fragile as the matter of fact, to cry in front of the crowd is quite a No-No to me, unless I really could not stand the pressure. Cool isn't it?) So does Rose. And Yuyu too. We were frustrated to know that people we trust were talking at our back. We can always talk as housemates, as friends, as civilized people. I think we seriously need to sit and discuss of this matter. But at least I know now that I am a normal person; that some people may like me and some may not, just like what my counseling lecturer once told us; that it's OK to have people with different views of you. We are only human. And I personally think that to be both liked and disliked is normal and we cannot always satisfy all parties at once but of course we have to reflect back ourselves and hence work for the betterment once people started not to favor us. OK, I am a bit off topic now. Let's get back.

Since the four of us shared the same interest; that is to talk about blogs, of what people write, of our preference, of the benefit we are getting and so on and so forth, I suspect that those friends of mine do have their own blogs too. Beware friends, I will go figure. And will get to you girls soon. Along the way, my friends once said “Oh come on Kak Shiro, your life cannot be that pathetic. I have a different view of you and your life now. I thought you were happy. Oh come on, you must have good memories to be shared too. I am requesting a happy entry for once, at least.” I laughed. Then I told her “Darling, if and only if you know how my life is like. It’s not that easy as what you think.” I will make a good actress if I am needed to be one I bet. In fact, we are all actors and actresses in our own world, aren't we? I am quite reserved to those who do not know me well. I mean, I am not going to simply tell people of how my secret life is like. (though I am turning to be quite talkative now.) It will require me quite sometimes to build the trust and to be comfortable to share; though I have a lot of things to share, I am still picking the people to share my things to; the people whom I am comfortable with. And I think that is why I write a blog; to share of my feelings and things which I feel appropriate to share virtually (though sometimes things that I share would not be that beneficial to you people) and to express myself without bothering other people directly or to bore people I trusted to death. I mean if you are interested in my writings, you may proceed and vice versa. If I am about to talk to my friends, it requires them to be attentive to me and the story I am telling, and I believe sometimes even people who are close and thoughtful and sweet to me might be bored to butt in and listen to my business too. So here is my medium of expression. And I think I am more expressive when I am depressed. If I am happy, then I am happy. I do not really know how to express it and I actually like to fantasize the chronology as well as the continuance of happiness silently. (Oh, that’s supposed to be a secret OK.) I suppose that revealed the answer of why most of my posts were sad posts.

And friends, to know that you are reading and following my writings closely made me feel appreciated. Thank you so much. I never thought that you girls are reading it and interested in it, seriously because I write such bullshit. I write of the world that revolves around me and I think it is not that beautiful to amuse you girls. I wish I was special. I am just a nothing-special girl. But anyway, thank you kawan-kawan for the silent support. *sesi beremosi* . So I guess that my next post will be a happy post as requested. It’s 4.28 a.m. and I saw a cockroach under the table. And it managed to escape! I must go now because i have started to have the post traumatic syndrome. Take care.