Monday, July 28, 2008

Career Counseling

Today in my career counseling class I have learnt two approaches; Trait and Factor Theory as well as Ann Roe Theory. From my understanding, Trait and Factor Theory highlights two terms trait—a characteristic of an individual that can be measured through testing, it’s an internal element within oneself, and factor—a characteristic required for successful job performances where it’s an external element like environment for instance. This theory says that genetic factors are far more important than environmental factors to shape one’s personality with about three quarter of their variance being accounted for by heredity and the rest by the environment. The significant? It’s when you know what you are, what traits you inherit from your family, it will later determine your career path. I don’t know how far this theory works but maybe it can be interpreted this way. When both father and mother of Albert are teachers, Albert will have the tendency to become a teacher when he grows up since he inherits the genetic of teacher, the characteristics of a teacher to be precise. I don’t know. I was a bit lost of this theory actually.

Another theory that we discussed was Ann Roe Theory. This theory gives emphasis on how parenting styles as in early relation with family could affect the career direction of oneself. The two parenting styles are accepting parents where good rapport exists between parents and the children and this will result in the choice of career of the children in the future where that person is said to have the tendency to opt for person oriented occupation while the rejecting parents will result in the child to go for a non-person oriented occupation; that person would prefer to work with machines for example, rather than human being.

Learning both theories makes me wonder which theory suits me most. I have gotten enough care and attention from my parent, and yet I am still not into teaching (though I’m doing B.ed TESL. I have completed a year of foundation and I am now in my final semester of the second year, I have about four semesters to go and having that B.ed is actually a license to teach, just like what my Dean of the faculty told us during the “Majlis Amanat Dekan”. We even sang “Guru Malaysia” song to get that spirit of becoming a teacher but still I don’t have much enthusiasm towards teaching. I would say I have developed only about 30% of my interest towards teaching along the way and it’s really something to me to gain that much interest since I am not into teaching at all when I first step in the institution for the last two and a half years. I bet that’s the highest percentage I could achieve and it will remain that way. I enjoy myself being with people, human being I would say, but to engage myself in a career which requires me to deal with people, to teach to be precise is quite a No-No to me, and should I highlight that dealing with people will never be an easy task.) FYI, teaching can be considered as one of the person oriented occupation. To look at my family from both my father and mother side, they are from various career fields; they involve in business, they involve in art things, they are teachers, engineers, lawyers, doctors to name a few. So I don’t know which theory I belong to actually. I reckon human being as unique and yet complicated. And I believe that none of the theory could fit each and every one of us precisely because we human being are unique in our own ways. But I don’t know. It’s just my opinion.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

F.O.R.E.V.E.R, is there such thing?

As I flip through my old-little-green-diary that I wrote back in Kuantan when I was doing my pre-degree, (it's a writing project where my writing lecturer did ask all of us to write up a diary where when it comes to the finale, it will be collected and we will be graded based on the writings of those diaries, she called it journal and we will be gaining 20% of our marks from it but unfortunately, she did not collect it, she don't even have a look at it. There were only two or three times in the classroom that she asked for a volunteer to read up the diary and I did volunteer myself once. I was annoyed at first because I've put such a lot of efforts to write such a diary. I never kept a diary before. A well-organized one, I mean. But somehow, I am thankful to her, because I have started to build and develop a good writing habit from there. Thank you, Madam B!). then I saw one of the lyrics in the lyrics section. I have a few sections within the diary; the life that I am engaging with, the people, the future as well as the lyrics for thought, a little bit of this and that, and what not. I guess it's not something new to be shared. It's the "Only Hope" song by Mandy Moore from A Walk To Remember.
::There's a song that's inside of my soul::It's the one that I've tried to write over and over again::I'm awake in the infinite cold::But you sing to me over and over and over again::So I lay my head back down::And I lift my hands::And pray to be only yours::I pray to be only yours::I know now you're my only hope::Sing to me the song of the stars::Of your galaxy dancing and laughing and laughing again::When it feels like my dreams are so far::Sing to me of the plans that you have for me over again::So I lay my head back down::And I lift my hands::And pray to be only yours::I pray to be only yours::I know now you're my only hope::I give you my destiny::I'm giving you all of me::I want your symphony::Singing in all that I am::At the top of my lungs::I'm giving it back::So I lay my head back down::And I lift my hands::And pray to be only yours::I pray to be only yours::I pray to be only yours::I know now you're my only hope::

S.W.E.E.T. isn't it? I still would cry myself everytime I watch the movie, though it's been like a hundred times I've been watching it. The same thing goes when I watch 50 First Dates. Is there such thing? I mean does that "I'll love you, forever" really exist? We know forevers come and gone. At least I notice. Nothing could last forever, I suppose. Or am I too realistic? I leave you with the thoughts.
[note: Another song that I keep on repeating and listening to for the last 24hours until now is "I'm Yours" by Jason Mraz.
  • It makes me feel happy inside.
  • It makes me feel loved.
  • It makes me feel so right.
I feel like lari-lari, golek-golek tengah padang, just like when I listen to "Kiss Me" by Sixpence None The Ritcher. Pretty cool, it is :) ]

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Coffee Break!


Since I was having such a bad day for almost everyday lately, I have decided to give myself a break. I strongly believe that pampering and rewarding myself after a long day will build a stronger me, seriously. I’m longing for a cup of coffee and a piece of serenity. Real in need of it. So my dear cousin fetched me at my place, after a long-bad-day at the main campus, on weekend (Oh yeah, I define weekends as days for peace and serenity, should not be bothered by other things like meetings or registrations or anything else regarding academic matters, days for me to do things I like, and I hate my weekends to be interrupted by those matters mentioned, please!) for that so-called “tranquil session” just like before, together with my two other friends; both Miss A and Miss A (Amalina and Adibah are the names) and we had a wonderful day. Thank you to Kak Ayu for the treat. The next day I was still in the same mood, so I went for a coffee break with my darling, yuyu and we had a great session too! And should I say that I was having the same thing, for both separated sessions. Hehs. And glad to mention, we are thankful to God for The Senior and the treat. *sesi bodek* Thank you everybody for these two great days. And no more Bad Day, please.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Registration oh Registration

I’m pissed off when it comes to registration. Really pissed off. Both online and manual registration. Just imagine this situation. You have limited places to fit yourself in, you are restricted to join things you like, they have this guidelines saying that you can only join this and that which are none of your interest, at all, you are bounded to the dateline as well, and you are suddenly discriminated by the system, barring you from registering yourself online. OK, you are barred out of nothing, you never did anything wrong, you didn’t involve in any disciplinary problem, you have paid the fees, all of the fees, should I say you’ve excelled with flying colors too, and yet you are still barred to register a few subjects online due to some technical problems (that’s the so-called reason the administration will give to you when it comes to such problems, it’s always like that and it seems like they did nothing to fix it). Fine. Then you go for manual way of registration. You have lined up for hours, just to get the registration form, then some more hours to get the approval (not to mention the ridiculous questions that bothered you along the way of getting approval as well as the look that might piss you off). Having gone through such a long day, when you think it’s done, suddenly you have been told that your name are kicked from the system, again, out of nothing! And that carries the meaning that they can do nothing and you have to wait again and take the course next semester. WTH? (Pardon my language, people). And this is again brings the meaning that you have waited for nothing, wasted your precious time, for nothing! yes, NOTHING! (and YES, my time is PRECIOUS) And it happened to me for the last semester, and it seems to happen again this semester! AGAIN! Could you imagine how it feels like? I feel like screaming myself out of my anxiety, craziness, madness to name a few. Why don’t they fix this stupid technical problem? These problems are predicted, I mean it’s repeated over and over again. It has a pattern! Why can’t they just see that? We students are suffering! We are the victims of the system, the stupid system! And if you have to go for a manual way, then you have to line up for hours or even worse, for days just to get yourself registered (like when I was applying for my PTPTN, have you remembered of that, kawan kawan? As well as for the registration of co curriculum. And not to forget when we have to wait for a long run for the coupon as the approval of getting involve in activities). Those are the inconveniency and distractions that could be avoided if the administration ever learn and make an effort for a better change and a smoother flow.

[note: Qasiyh, I wish I could be like you, just like you, smacking those people with stupid reasons, it’s just that in my case they are all quite nice, at least the majority of them, but they did nothing, they even gave me the wrong information just to get myself involve in even more complications. They are doing SHIT. That’s all I could see, for now. And I don’t know if my friends are OK with that. I am NOT].
What a bad start!