Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Coffee Break!


Since I was having such a bad day for almost everyday lately, I have decided to give myself a break. I strongly believe that pampering and rewarding myself after a long day will build a stronger me, seriously. I’m longing for a cup of coffee and a piece of serenity. Real in need of it. So my dear cousin fetched me at my place, after a long-bad-day at the main campus, on weekend (Oh yeah, I define weekends as days for peace and serenity, should not be bothered by other things like meetings or registrations or anything else regarding academic matters, days for me to do things I like, and I hate my weekends to be interrupted by those matters mentioned, please!) for that so-called “tranquil session” just like before, together with my two other friends; both Miss A and Miss A (Amalina and Adibah are the names) and we had a wonderful day. Thank you to Kak Ayu for the treat. The next day I was still in the same mood, so I went for a coffee break with my darling, yuyu and we had a great session too! And should I say that I was having the same thing, for both separated sessions. Hehs. And glad to mention, we are thankful to God for The Senior and the treat. *sesi bodek* Thank you everybody for these two great days. And no more Bad Day, please.


Razu said...

hijaunye gambar,, cam incredible hulk...

just stopped by..

athirah's big bro... ;p

SyAhiRah LaLAla said...

hi razu,,tq4visiting :)