Friday, July 11, 2008

Registration oh Registration

I’m pissed off when it comes to registration. Really pissed off. Both online and manual registration. Just imagine this situation. You have limited places to fit yourself in, you are restricted to join things you like, they have this guidelines saying that you can only join this and that which are none of your interest, at all, you are bounded to the dateline as well, and you are suddenly discriminated by the system, barring you from registering yourself online. OK, you are barred out of nothing, you never did anything wrong, you didn’t involve in any disciplinary problem, you have paid the fees, all of the fees, should I say you’ve excelled with flying colors too, and yet you are still barred to register a few subjects online due to some technical problems (that’s the so-called reason the administration will give to you when it comes to such problems, it’s always like that and it seems like they did nothing to fix it). Fine. Then you go for manual way of registration. You have lined up for hours, just to get the registration form, then some more hours to get the approval (not to mention the ridiculous questions that bothered you along the way of getting approval as well as the look that might piss you off). Having gone through such a long day, when you think it’s done, suddenly you have been told that your name are kicked from the system, again, out of nothing! And that carries the meaning that they can do nothing and you have to wait again and take the course next semester. WTH? (Pardon my language, people). And this is again brings the meaning that you have waited for nothing, wasted your precious time, for nothing! yes, NOTHING! (and YES, my time is PRECIOUS) And it happened to me for the last semester, and it seems to happen again this semester! AGAIN! Could you imagine how it feels like? I feel like screaming myself out of my anxiety, craziness, madness to name a few. Why don’t they fix this stupid technical problem? These problems are predicted, I mean it’s repeated over and over again. It has a pattern! Why can’t they just see that? We students are suffering! We are the victims of the system, the stupid system! And if you have to go for a manual way, then you have to line up for hours or even worse, for days just to get yourself registered (like when I was applying for my PTPTN, have you remembered of that, kawan kawan? As well as for the registration of co curriculum. And not to forget when we have to wait for a long run for the coupon as the approval of getting involve in activities). Those are the inconveniency and distractions that could be avoided if the administration ever learn and make an effort for a better change and a smoother flow.

[note: Qasiyh, I wish I could be like you, just like you, smacking those people with stupid reasons, it’s just that in my case they are all quite nice, at least the majority of them, but they did nothing, they even gave me the wrong information just to get myself involve in even more complications. They are doing SHIT. That’s all I could see, for now. And I don’t know if my friends are OK with that. I am NOT].
What a bad start!


MiMiE MuNaA said...

♥syg!!!wat a shit long day u've gone thru....n finally u got nuthing..♥

mya said...



jom lepak2 wf me mao?

im in subang~~

dekat kot gn shah alam

SyAhiRah LaLAla said...

attn: mimie--yes darling,,a loooong day yg full of..nothing good!geram kan?nangesnanges :((

attn: mya--maomao,,shud find sometime,,gossip2,,jz like b4 ;)

eryzal zainal said...

mmu ok je.

SyAhiRah LaLAla said...

baguslah begitu :)