Wednesday, January 12, 2011


 I think God loves me that He sent me bunch of people who really care. And thoughtful. And kind. (besides supportive family.) Thanks darling girls. I really appreciate it. I have just realized that having a few nice friends is more meaningful than having lotsssssss of friends who just don't care. But to make enemy is never a good resort.
Thoughtful Amalina and Kind Adibah :)

Caring Yuyu

Ehem. couple of the year ni. Lovely Mimi n the bf

My Mr. Notty [dikala muda remaja]

Understanding Rain
Makan-makan dgn Rain

Hugging Yuyu.
Hari meneman Amalina survey barangan perkahwinan bersama Adibah.

Hanging out sambil mengusik the sweet couple.

Thank God for them.

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mineral oil said...

yuyu shuhada likes this.hehe:P..i miss you.lets have coffee!