Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Daddy Cool

First of all, I don't want you to think that I am complaining here. I am not. This is just a story that I feel like sharing at the moment OK. No offense :D
Celebrating birthday, mother's day, father's day and things like that is not a practice in my family (or should I say mommy and daddy?) I don't know why. Oh how I always wish that we would celebrate those special days because it never fails me to feel a bit envious to see other people celebrating those special days with their families. Mommy always says that would not be necessary and I always protest saying that she has lack of sentimental values. So when come those days, I don't really know how to react. Basically, I will act normal; not that I don't care; how I wish (deep inside my heart) that we could celebrate it but nobody seems to care. I wish to change this situation, maybe once I am working. I am going to have my own money to spend for, I wish to treat mommy and daddy well of course for everyday of my life, and extra special for those special days with luxury and love. Not to forget, the siblings too.
My daddy is the coolest person I have ever known in this world. I have never been scolded, not even once in my entire twenty-three years of lifetime. Pukul lagilah tak pernah (note: I hate guys who hit. So much. I will never tolerate.) Even when I was acting real cranky. You see how cool is that? "My father is my survivor." I do still remember there was a time when I was little, I accidentally spilled a bowl of pudding made by mommy which was supposed to be presented to the guests who will come to our house that evening and my mommy was pissed off (yelah penat-penat buat pudding anak pegi tumpahkan pula) and so she was canning me. There came my daddy who saved me from being beaten. We (mommy, daddy, my little brother and I) were supposed to go watch a concert that night but because of the incident; that daddy was siding me, and kind of scolded her, (Oww, actually I don’t know how to term it, my father never rises his voice, but you know when you got him pissed.) mommy was sulking and refused to follow; end up I went there with my daddy. Just the two of us. Best jugak. Hehs :P

There were times when I’ve gone real bad and mommy punished me by locking me outside the house in the mornings, afternoons and even nights; daddy never fails to save me. (note: my mother is not an evil mother at all, just in case you start to have a wrong perception about her. I was a naughty girl when I was little. I pernah jek lastik kepala kawan sampai berdarah. You see how bad I was. Come mess with me, I dare you.)

I do still cherish the good moments with my daddy, when we play the video games together (my favorite game was Star Force or so it called; a spaceship which fights against the aliens. I was so much into the space back then, and still do. Maybe I should meet Sh. Muszaphar for a piece of advice. Hehs.) The time when we watch the WWE,( I adored braveheart, big daddy cool diesel, stone cold steve Austin, the rock, and a lot more.) Mac Gyver, Batman, Superman and Star Trek together. And the Incredible Hulk (I used to make fun of mommy, saying that she’s going to transform into that hulk once she gets angry. Haha. By the way, I fancy him. Or should I say ‘fancied’? I can't believe that I was following this series before when I watched it again now. How ridiculous this story could be, I have just realized.) And daddy will always allow me to go out with friends when mommy doesn't. I will always get my 'freedom' through my daddy. Hehs. Sorrylah emak. Jangan marah tau.
I used to go fishing with daddy too. (Jangan harap ah I nak jerit-jerit gedik kalau campak cacing kat I OK. Hehs.) Among the best times with daddy was when I was in primary school where my biggest fear was (and still) to cross the drain. There was a small drain in front of my class, so daddy has to hold and carry me into classroom every morning. All of my friends teased me, saying that I am a spoilt brat for that and I don’t even care; in fact, I was proud that my father loves me so much. Abah orang lain tak dukung pun anak dia kot. Haha. "Biarlah. Kau mesti jeles kan. Abah aku memang sayang aku." That was a smack the boys (budak perempuan bersopan sikit) got when they questioned the act. Maaflah kawan-kawan, but that's the fact :P Even until today, I still think that my friends were being jealous of me back then. Haha. And there was one time where the small bridge to cross the drain was disrupted, (this is about another drain outside the school, one which is way bigger) I was crying because I was too afraid to hop and cross it, so my friend had to go to my house and get my parents to come down to pick me up and carry me home after almost an hour I was stuck there. Silly! I will always break into a small smile once I pass through it. Amused by the thought of my childhood years. *smile* *smile*

There are so much more to mention of my happy moments with my father. If I am to list it down, I am certain it would take longer than an entry. I feel really awkward to be posting this (I've never expressed my heart for the family. Loser.) but I would really want daddy to know that even though I didn’t wish him “Happy Father’s Day” I do treasure all the moments of my life with him. Though my daddy doesn’t own a private jet to fly me to where ever place I want as I always dreamed, (sorrylah abah, anak berangan tanpa batasan. anak kan memang suka berangan.) though my daddy doesn't own a hotel to let me partying in, (abaikan abaikan) though my daddy doesn't rain me with million of ringgit, though my daddy doesn't even celebrate my birthday, that doesn’t fail him to be the best father in the world. I am grateful to be blessed with a super cool father who leads our wonderful happy family successfully. Happy Father’s Day, Abah. I love you so much. *sob*
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PeaRLaLa said...

hey! found u! ;)
owh yeah, we are the same because my family is also that kind of type who don't celebrate birthdays, mother or father's day. well, it is not so bad, isn't it? heee~

idatazira said...

kakak syiro pun cool juga.

RinG said...

waah, feels like reading my sis' blog. hehe. well, i have only one sister and she is just like you, being the dad's daughter. sometimes i do feel jealous with her, well she gets everything and usually i gave up everything. sigh. so, please do appreciate anything what your father had done to you because maybe he had sacrifice somebody else' love to give it to you. it is a nice thing to have a cool father like yours.

SyAhiRah LaLAla said...

oh really? i thot my family is the only one yg tak celebrate. sep sep. haha. tapi mcm jeles jugakla kat org lain kadang-kadang :|

u do think so? aww,,tq! kamu memang rummet tercomel di abad inilah adik! :D

aww u do? feel like meeting ur sister plak,,so that blh share cerita. haha. surely will treasure the time of my life with my daddy cool ;) u too ok :)