Friday, June 26, 2009

Shall We Dance? Because This Is Going To Be FUN!

Semester is scheduled to start like ten days from now. *sob* And so, I was checking on my timetable (aww, feel like I am back at school by mentioning the word "timetable") for next semester. And I was so gay, (oh puh-leeez) to be having to get up real early since my beautiful weekdays will be filled with morning classes. Never in my life I have been a morning person, please take a note and credit to me. And I am too delight *gasping for air* to mention that Tuesdays are going to be my luckiest day, considering the fact that I am going to have seven (I repeat, SEVEN) hours of class that day. Geeee, thanks! I wonder how do I fix the schedule, to make it more sane, or in other words;
  1. not to wake me up too early for classes,
  2. to have more free time, (OK OK, I know it is way too much to ask for.)
  3. or at least to have a more balanced schedule. Yes, I want a well-balanced schedule. So badly.

But I am going to like Mondays, considering the fact that I am going to have just a two-hour class which will start only at 5.10 p.m. Cool, isn't it?

[p/s: All of sudden, I am feeling nostalgic. And I do maths before I sleep. Therefore, I am a total freak!]


laki cikgu kimia said...

which parts are meant to be freak? the maths? oh please nooo!

shariena said...

kak syiro, kitorg ( u6d) punye schedule lg x best..huhuhu..sabor jela...nk try pujuk lecturer la..

criestz said...

shall we dance mr clark..
de besh m0vie+rmntic huhu

SyAhiRah LaLAla said...

laki cikgu kimia: hahaha. definitely that part. weird for those who take courses that have got nothing to do with numbers at all,, like me. hehs. kamu bijak chi am,,lain kes :D

shariena: heheh. mehla kita bersabar.

criestz: aww. should watch that la cemtu :D