Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I Should

have known from the very start that I should not add strangers into my messenger list and should forbid myself from entertaining strangers by all means. Sekarang boleh kata padan muka kepada diri sendiri bila mendapat message yang merimaskan dan menyusahkan diri sendiri. Kawan-kawan rapat pun tidak busy body begitu. Oh tolonglah. I thought of making more and more friends, that's all.

[p/s: can't wait for Terminator Salvation to come out. and am looking forward for the first movie trip ever if the offer is still on.]


Farzen Master said...

Can't wait for Terminator as well. It's time to rise against the machines!!!!

p/s: I hate nosy people as well.umm...hope I'm not 1 of them. hehe

~Am Sya~ said...

u set invi la kat ym tuh..msti xde org kaco..

SyAhiRah LaLAla said...

Farzen Master:
yalah. can't wait kan? i missed the goodie that 8tv quickie offered jz now. got sooo frustrated. really wished to win those estee lauder and terminator stuff. cudnt get thru the line. just not my luck perhaps. no no,,of course u're not.

Am Sya:
[ wow,,tukar sudah nama ;) the love is in the air everyone! the love is in the air! :P ]
well,,to be invi to ppl is very easy via one click,,but to get to know that the other ppl (esp the one that u cared and adored the most) has set on invi mode to you is something hard to swallow. you may think that i am stupid,,and yes,,sometimes i also do think that i am stupid and abnormal but that's the rule that i've set; no invi mode upon siapa-siapa pun. but once i said "i hate u" or "go to hell" u'll never be on mylist,,not anymore,,never again. saiko kan i? hahaha :P

fareHana said...

yup.. sometimes it's better for us only to add those who we really know on our list. because strangers ni kite tak tau niat diorg kan?? huhu.. mesti diorg nak ngorat kak syiro

SyAhiRah LaLAla said...

hahaha.xde ngorat la fare. sajek mereka bergurau senda kot. huhu. tu la tu. thot of making frens,,not more than that,,tp dhujani dgn soalan yg kurang mnyenangkan. haisyyy. cemanalah?

Anonymous said...

Moral of the story : Don't talk to strangers. That's what my mom would've said. :P

SyAhiRah LaLAla said...

yeah yeah. that was exactly what my mommy had told me like sooooo many times but still degil jugak. but some strangers are worth talking to and knowing,,don't you think so? ;)

faiq said...

hye syahirah

terminator salvation dh kuar dh..
g la tgk..
kalo ader tiket wyg lebih..
kasi la kt ku..hee
walau ku dh tonton citer tu.
ku x kesh tontonnya 2kali..