Monday, May 25, 2009

I Don't Believe It Makes Me Real

Have problem with my computer. It's gone senile, or crazy, or so I think (just like its master. biasalah, ikut tuan. hoh.) Will be posting the pictures later. Meanwhile, feeling like life has got no meaning, because was doing nothing except eating and sleeping besides online-ing. Got mommy and daddy accompanied to wedding sometimes, by free will. Thought of going out for movies and fun but friends were not available. Some have gone out datings, some went for weddings. Mimi was busy studying I bet, it's been a while since we last chatted. Should pick up a few books and read perhaps. A blogger friend suggested that I should be blogging more often. I feel like too but sometimes have got hesitations. I don't know why am I acting this weird. Is it normal? Is everyone like me? Is it OK for me to share personal details in here without getting people talking bad behind my back? Maybe I should keep an online diary, anonymously. Well, maybe. Kind of cool, don't you think so? Having a secret identity, telling of the secret life of yours. Told mommy of my plan if I never get married. She said the idea is not cool. Boo. Met my senior from school yesterday. She came down here to my house. Have not met her for like seven years. Finished her master and will be pursuing phD soon. Brilliant her. Congratulations, sister! I reserved myself to be the bridesmaid when she gets married. Should stop by now. Need to feed the cats. Pity them, have got no master, they go wandering behind my house all the time. Feeding them is my new hobby. I'm no so into cats but they are all cute and so manja. Will come to me and gosok-gosok kepala mereka di kaki saya sampai saya gelak sorang-sorang sebab geli. (Sekali dengar adik-adik semua ingatkan saya gila sebab gelak sorang-sorang di dapur. Mereka yang gila sebenarnya. Hoh.) But the cats are naughty too. Will take advantage while we are not looking. Caught red-handed by me once akibat mencuba untuk menangkap hamster adik. Should be wary somehow. Hmm.


idatazira said...

nmpk sgtla buat entri ni di kala keboringan.

SyAhiRah LaLAla said...

hahaha. erk,,kantoi! :P
adik,,jom ronggeng. eh,,apa yg kamu bawa pulang dari langkawi? :>

fareHana said...

wah.. saye pun bosan kat rumah.. tdo makan dan bagi makan kuceng jugak.. hehe

btw i think u should write more often. don't worry bout people talking. their opinion are not that important :)

SyAhiRah LaLAla said...

hehe. thanks fare for encouraging. everybody has opinion, should not interfere with other's business, going to mind mine sahaja, then should not be a problem la sepatutnya kan?

[ p/s: berapa ekor kucing awak ada? :D ]

fareHana said...

ehehe.. kucing saye banyak.. mm 8 kot.. hehe

SyAhiRah LaLAla said...

Oh kat sini ada lima ekor. ok fare menang :D