Saturday, May 23, 2009


Hi everyone. Oh, where should I start? I have not updated for almost a month! My God! The exams are finally over, and the holiday is on officially for like twelve days or so now. I have nothing much to say here (Yelah tu. Tetiba kang dah panjang berjela.) Well, I do have like a lot of things to tell but I simply put a hold on everything. (Why-oh-why?) I myself don’t know why. Now are you convinced that my head needs a diagnosis? I simply lose interest over things (Oh No, not again!) And I have been sleeping for more than I should. Initially I was thinking to share of my adult-to-adult talk with my best cousin here but I am such a blast procrastinator. Next, I thought of telling my little chat with my brother but again I put a wait on it. Then, I wished to make an entry on teacher’s day and still, I did not make it. The latest one is my thought of sharing the family day that we had last weekend and this attempt was a failure too. Praise for me. Hoh. So now, are you ready to start the rant?
  1. My cousin said that I should not worry too much about my future; the career to be precise. Said that I can try whatever I like and choose later. My brother said I should start thinking about it now. Kena sebijik “hotak kau” because the last time he asked me “Kau nak jadi apa kak?” and I replied “Ntah.” I told this someone that I may want to try to work with a hotel but that someone does not like the idea. Said that I’d better be a teacher.
  2. Terasa begitu tersentuh sekali menonton dokumentari hari guru; (ayat puitis) to realize the fact that teachers had sacrifice a lot of things (of their time, of their money, of their energy) for creating successful students academically and morally. Hope it is not too late to wish all the teachers all over the world “Happy Teacher’s Day.” Terima kasih cikgu. (I have started to get the wishes too. Surprisingly from a few lecturers. Wow.)
  3. I feel like seventeen when a nineteen years old boy asks my hand for marriage. Kidding. Feel like a sugar mommy because he’s too young for me, but still am impressed that he has the courage to ask and approach. Love at the first sight as he said. Comel lah kamu adik! (Yes, he’s so cute, no kidding.) Too bad that you’re nineteen. If you’re twenty-five, I might consider. Hehs. Kidding. Habis tu “My Perfect Match” macam mana? He’s a growing addiction that I can’t deny. OK, gedik! *malumalumalu*
  4. I can’t bear with the fact that I have been indulging myself with too great a dose of sleep for almost like everyday! Yes, the fact is killing me, I do live in guilt for not helping mommy doing house chores (But still not changing yet. Planning to start a new schedule by Monday. Hopefully. Wish me luck.)
  5. I get sun burnt. (And my heart is burning too; with fire red but now it's turning blue. OK tipu.) I am tanned now. No, it’s black. No, I mean I am having a darker tone now. My skin is exfoliating; the pimples are suddenly popping up. And my skin turned red. Dark tone and reddish and exfoliating with pimples growing every where on it and they are painful. Perfect! (Hasil daripada berkelah di pantai yang indah bersama keluarga semasa hari keluarga.)
  6. Saya benci iklan ambank. Yang ini. Saya benci husband dia. Sebab dia buat expression macam to have a baby is somewhat stressful and it's such a burden because he has to spend his money on his baby. Excuse me. If that so, why does he get married on the first place? Sungguh emo setiap kali menonton iklan ini. I am grateful that my mommy and daddy do not think it that way. I found this book hidden inside the cupboard while tidying. They were waiting for my existence to this world. I felt so much loved upon this revelation. Terima kasih abah dan emak.

I think I should sleep by now. It's four in the morning. So sleepy. I'll put the picture of that family day and the book as well tomorrow, the first thing in the morning once I wake up OK ;) Good Night, everyone. Sleep tight.


laki cikgu kimia said...

alahao ambank itu lah hai

ayumiyoshida said...

saya juga benci iklan itu

SyAhiRah LaLAla said...

laki cikgu kimia a.k.a chi am:
ha. iklan itulah. tolong jangan menjadi seperti itu wahai encik. sungguh tidak budiman :-<

bagus! mari kita ban iklan itu bersama-sama ok? macam kurang berguna jek husband cemtu. hoh. begitu emosi sekali :">