Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Examination Fever

To have a sneak peek at the question makes my heart pounds faster. Once we are allowed to go through the questions, I am already dead. I don’t know how to answer question number six which carries six marks. This means that I have ruined my chance to get an A for the paper. And not getting an A will bring a bad consequence in later days. OK, I need tranquilizer and for that I am leaving for a secret vacation [that I will be telling my parents only when I get back here. Oh, I have a few list of destinations which I have not decided yet. I wish I could go abroad. OK, dream on, I know.] Oh people, just miss me when I am gone. Hiks. And please people; do not get paranoia since I will be indulging myself in a right way of being not to go beyond it. So I will catch up with you guys later. I have like a lot of things to write in here but since I am just too lazy to carry my little nyawa ini here and there, I will just leave it at home. Plus, to get the connection there will require me to borrow it from my friend. To borrow things from people is very not like me. Furthermore from people whom I am not-that-close to. I do not mind people to borrow my things, seriously I do not really mind sharing my belongings [except for cinta hati, remember?] but I am quite embarrassed to borrow other people’s belongings. I will be borrowing if there is a real need of doing so. I do not know why. OK, I better get going. Take care of you.


Fareenz said...

hye there..

i tought i've linked u..

gotta do it again...

selalu blog hopping dari org jer..

anywhere..gudluck exam!

karisma said...

soalan no. 6 susah?? alamak macamana i nampak 5 soalan je..

SyAhiRah LaLAla said...

fareenz-- TQ so much. That's a very nice of u. I've linked urs too. hv been ur silent reader 4quite sometimes ;)
karisma-- wowowo,,u mungkin terlepas pandang. ada 6 soalan semuanya. tidak termasuk soalan pilihan yang 4 soalan tu. cemas tak? :>