Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My Days

Hi people,

It seems like quite a long time I have not written anything in here. To Qasiyh, thank you for tagging me. I will post it once I have done with my individual oral test within this week. So now I would like to write on my Hari Raya celebration as well as my Micro Teaching for Listening and Speaking, but I will make it into two different posts. Before I proceed, I hope it’s not too late to wish all of you my dear readers a Happy Hari Raya. I would like to apologize for all my wrong deeds. You are all invited to come to my house but please do call me first just to ensure that I’m home.

OK, my raya was not-that-bad. Though I don’t have any new outfit, it went well I should say. I mixed and matched to make it presentable and it turned out to be just-fine. It does not really matter to me now. What is more important about raya to me is that we can gather the families and sit down together and apologize to one another and share the whole story to catch up with each other. The gossip session will always be my favorite. This time it was made into a balanced session where we have gossips from all over the world, starting from the teasing among the family members (we made it into a funny way in which I think no one was offended by all the jokes, if any did, that person was just being sensitive because as far as I am concerned, the families were not saying anything bad about one another, it’s just that the havoc that they made and you should know how Malaccans are to be like and I bet everyone in the family is able to tolerate the language we are using. hehs) the gossips of the artists within Malaysia and worldwide (in which they have absolutely nothing to do with us, we were just being nosy, hehs) up to the stories of the prophets as the closing and a little bit of religious stuff. So I conclude that my big family is an all-rounded that we can always discuss on matters arising regardless of anything. I seriously mean anything. And I am glad that I was born in such a family that we always treasure this precious relationship that we are having.

So now I will write on the things that I did during Hari Raya accordingly.

A day before Raya:
We cooked lemang, ketupat, rendang, and this year my father added up another menu in the list that is nasi beriani. I took part in cleaning the vegetables (buangkan ekor taugeh, dua plastik besar OK, just to develop a sense of belonging to the kitchen) and blending the chillies, the onions and the spices (under my mother's supervision of course. It's such a shame for a 22-year-old-lady not to master the housechores, I have to admit that, but I am quite a fast learner you know, gegege) for buka puasa that night. After berbuka, I followed my mother and aunties for coffee and it was on Mak Uda, like always. Once we have finished with the coffee-break, the whole family did the recitation of takbir raya and the tahlil for our beloved late grandfather. Then the ladies continued with the cooking of nasi beriani (I was told that my mother and the aunties slept at 5 in the morning. Of course that nasi beriani was marvelous. Thank you mak and auntie semua and abah and uncles to make it into realization.)

1st day Raya:
We went to the mosque to perform the Raya prayer and together to the cemetery. Once we reached home, we dined together and the salam-salam session took place. Then we gathered for a family portrait (Above pictures are the family portraits I meant.) We then headed to the neighbors’ place and the relatives'. That night we had our gossip session. It was fun, really.

2nd day Raya:
We went for a family gathering as always where our annual sponsor ; Mak Uda and Pak Uda who initially came out with this idea a few years back that we will be having an annual gathering and will be dining in somewhere together on the second or third day of hari raya. This year we had it at the Holiday Inn, Malacca. It was happening. The beautiful scenery, the delicious food, the fantastic family completed my day. We took pictures together there too but I have not gotten the copy yet. I will be posting it once I get it, insyaAllah. That night we went to Mak Lang’s and Pak Lang’s house for again a gathering as well as the recitation of Yasin and tahlil for our beloved late grandfather. The makan-makan was marvelous. My cousin and I were enjoying Mak Lang’s cooking to the fullest. Thank you Mak Lang and Pak Lang and Abang Alum juga.

3rd day Raya:
I went off to my grandparents’ house on my mother’s side. There, it was a plain raya that my grandmother is sick that we could not make so much noise. Furthermore, my relatives were not there, all of them, so I did not get the chance to meet any of them as for they were away for their other commitment. I had only met my two cousins together with my grandparents. It’s so sad to see my grandmother who used to be cheerful and fun-to-be-with (seriously because she used to be talkative and I’d really love to listen to all her stories) now just laid on the bad. She had gone senile too that she turned to be childish. I went back to my hometown on 5th day Raya morning and went back to my place that night and was stuck in traffic jam hence I reached home almost midnight. No choice, it's hari raya.

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