Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I’ve been tagged by Qasiyh. Thanks to you, adik. The rules:

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# Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog; some random, some weird.
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# Share 7 facts about yourself; some random, some weird.

So here are seven random facts about me.

1. I hate cockroaches. I have the ability to sense the existence of cockroaches. Yucks, they stink! Believe me, I am capable. I will have post-traumatic syndrome once I see them too. I will be extraordinary alert and will assume everything is possible to be cockroaches. For example, once I see a cockroach and it manages to run away, I will be paranoid, I will assume anything that passes or touches me as cockroach even if it’s my own shirt or blanket that I touch, and it will stay that way, for the whole night. Saya juga pernah beberapa kali tercedera akibat melarikan diri dari lipas. Mau tengok gambar kecederaan saya? So, if ever I tell you that I hate you more than I hate cockroaches, then I really hate you. If I say I hate you, I may not hate you. Saya memang emo kadang-kadang. OK, selalu sebenarnya. Oh Oh Oh.

2. I have dreams come true. Dreams here refer to mental illusion of images, thoughts or anything that passes through your mind while you sleep. And yes, my dreams come true. One of it was when I once escaped my morning macro counseling class because I wanted to have an extra time for my beautiful sleep. In that dream, there appears my lecturer and she smiles to me and she says “Syaira, kenapa tak datang kelas? Tidur ye?” And you know what, that afternoon I went for the afternoon session and there my lecturer happens to say exactly the same line to me, with the same facial expression and the same attire. Takut tak? I used to get to know my examination results a day earlier, of course through my dreams too. Seriously, I am not telling lie. Kerana itulah saya amat obsess dengan mimpi. Saya memang paranoid.

3. You just cannot imagine how I treasure things. I have a pair of scissors; red in color, (note: I can tolerate with any color except blue because I always feel I look dull in blue. Sorry, blue.) the one that my mother bought me when I was in standard four and should I add it is still functioning well up to this moment. My mechanical pencil that I am keeping with me is six years old now. So does my pencil case. And a lot more things. I keep my friends well too, I bet. I treasure cinta hati saya sepenuh hati juga (let's just imagine if I consider someone as cinta hati, whom I would give all the love in the world to, tiba-tiba cinta hati itu turn out not to love me as I do, and as he should. Tentu saya akan mati. Oh, naivenya saya! Oleh itu, saya rasa mungkin saya tidak patut bercinta. Makanya, mungkin saya tidak akan berkahwin juga. Tentu mak saya akan menjadi paranoid kalau dia terbaca entri ini. Saya harap abah dan emak tidak akan pernah terjumpa blog ini, amin.) I have an extraordinary sentimental value within me. I don’t mind sharing my belongings with people but it must be with my permission and with great care of it. However this is not applicable untuk cinta hati saya OK. It will never be OK to share someone you love. No No No No No.

4. I have a weird ambition, that is to witness miracles and it happened. (Biasalah, pengaruh filem memang hebat ke atas diri saya.) Then I moved beyond, I keep this ambition with me, which is to have miracles in life but I never get the chance to. Not even once. It’s like the more you believe it will happen, the more it goes away from you. Hidup saya sangat kasihan kan?

5. Apa yang saya cakap kadang-kadang tidak parallel dengan apa yang saya rasa. Contohnya bila saya kata “Oh, it’s OK. It’s not a big deal, anyway.” Mungkin sebenarnya it’s quite a big deal to me. You should be able to read between the lines. I always pick my lines because I care of what you might feel. Tapi perasaan saya juga yang sering terabai. Saya sangat kasihan kan?

6. Saya selalu bermonolog. Bercakap seorang diri to be precise. Senyap-senyap, oh sudah tentulah. Berangan untuk bercakap tentang perkara yang tidak mampu saya cakapkan kepada seseorang pun ye jugak. Sekali terkantoi dengan adik pula. Malunya! Tapi saya pura-pura tak kisah. Pandai saya berlakon kan? Saya juga ada banyak angan-angan in which 99 percent of it will never come true. I just knew it. Saya sudah penat menjadi seorang yang optimis. Maybe the time has come for me to be realistic. I am learning to let go. To leave all the angan-angan behind me. I think I should. (Betul tak, Amalina?)

7. I hate broken promises. Once you have said something to me, I consider it as a promise. I hate to plan things because I will stick closely to the plan jadi apabila plan itu tidak menjadi, saya akan tidak dapat menerima kenyataan dan akan beremosi sepanjang hari. Saya juga bercadang untuk kurangkan menonton kisah cinta because they are just too good to be true, and once I watch those kind of movies, I will start to fantasize that-too-good-to-be-true things will come true lepastu benda-benda seperti itu memang sedikit pun tidak menjadi kenyataan, at least not to me, jadi saya akan menjadi sangat emo sampaikan makan pun tiada selera dan boleh jadi menangis juga kadang-kadang. Tidak cerdik kan?

In conclusion, saya memang seorang yang paranoid, saya obsess, saya extreme, saya penuh perasaan. Saya juga tidak cerdik kadang-kadang. So stop giving me harapan palsu kerana saya memang akan percaya lepastu saya yang akan penat dan emo sendiri. OK, saya tahu saya memang naïve. Kan saya dah kata awal-awal lagi tadi. Saya juga memang emo. Oh oh oh. Jadi sebelum saya menjadi lebih emo, saya nak tag:

Zafwan, Carode, Naza, Rain, Zaza, Aimi and Ed. (kalau maklang and paklong ada masa pun boleh jawab juga.)


eryzal zainal said...


btw.superman tadia column wanita:p

nur said...

yups,,betuL syaHirah,,

berpijak pada bumi yang nYata,,

pergi kePada yg Lebih sayaNgkan kita,,;)

p/s:saya saYang kamu~*winkwink*

eryzal zainal said...

email la jika senang

QaSiyh said...

nombor 2 scary...
tp dejavu lg scary...

SyAhiRah LaLAla said...

eryzal--eheh.saya kan penuh perasaan,,remember?weee.oh's just the name. kuasa sama sajek.kot.hehs.
nur--kamu buat saya rasa macam mahu menangis pula :(( sayang kamu juga *kissykissy*
qasiyh--sangat scary.serius tak tipu.pernah alami pengalaman serupa?

Esteban said...

tagged? i tak reti la main tag ni, hahehaheha!

Syuraini said...

1st comment is on ur cinta hati..Well, people always said find a good guy whom we know very well but once we fall to someone though it's only a few second,,it's hard for us turn back the time aite??I dont know whether we should follow the heart or rational thinking??(i'm not really into LWH act,,**poor him**)

2nd comment, learn to be not too emo dear coz u already 22 and soon gonna get to handle ur family if u cant pretend everytg is find..?

SyAhiRah LaLAla said...

syuraini--oh i thot u're sooo in love with him.oh oh oh.and darling,,to be emo and penuh perasaan is to be me.cemanalah?should i pretend that everything is just fine?oh oh oh.susahnya *whew*

Syuraini said...

Owh2 spelling error in my comment so bad to be teslian..=(
Let's assume error is normal in spelling hehehe..*_*

SyAhiRah LaLAla said...

oh nvm.we are only human.and human make mistakes ;)