Sunday, August 24, 2008

Pretty Woman

It’s been three times for me watching that “Pretty Woman” movie all in a row by Richard Gere and Julia Roberts. [why didn’t they get married in the real world? I wonder, because they seemed to perfectly match each other, seriously.] I’ve memorized a few lines. I pick up lines quite fast you know? (Only if I really put on my concentration towards it, and if I am really into it because I love to mock the script.) I can watch any kind of movies, from all genres. I watch action movies like Terminators, I even watch World Wrestling Federation I tell you though some people may find me a bit girly and fragile. I am. But I can adapt with any genre quite well. You know what, not so many movies do impress me. Even the Transformers is not a “Wow” to me, I am not going to watch my Batman over and over again though I am his biggest fan, but this one is really something.

This “Pretty Woman” is full of extravaganzas. It’s a very simple movie, I mean you don’t have to work on your brain that hard to understand the storyline but it somehow managed to capture my attention and hard to admit that I was touched by the movie. Haisy. So typical lady I am becoming. I am emotional; in fact I am very emotional that I am easily carried away by my emotion, of what I see, of what you say and what not. It’s really a fuss to be an emotional person you know since your emotions are easily disrupted, you tend to have mixed-up emotions at one time and it might take a while just to stabilize back the emotions. Concerning that, I would avoid watching movies that involve death, break-ups, and all those sentiments that are high in capability to provoke sadness because to watch that kind of movies might ruin my mood, possibly for the whole day! (Violation as in WWF does not affect me much somehow, I don’t know why.) And bad-mouthed girls are a big No-No too, never welcomed. I repeat, never welcomed.Shoo! Shoo!

That Edward Lewis is my dream! He’s exactly someone I have in my mind to be with because he is someone who is very high in life, he’s successful and yet he’s appreciative. Except for the fact that he's too workaholic that he hardly finds time to enjoy and have a break. I used to think that money is everything, it's like you can buy the whole world if you have money but I admit that money is not everything now but it has an important role to play. I've grown up with experiences (too personal to mention it here) that made me changed the schema I am having of money in my mind. But again, we cannot defeat the fact that we need money to live our life as the way we want it to be. I mean, you cannot live with love boldly, you need money to buy you food, money is needed to own you a place to live in, to buy a car, you need money for this and that too. Like me, I really hope that I will manage to live my life up to my expectation. (I've already had certain expectations to fulfill in life but again, I think it's quite personal to share it here, sorry.) Plus the look that would drive any woman crazy. (but the look does not really work on me. The personality does matter, that's what I'll look into more and take into account.) Not to mention the spells to melt the heart too. (And oww, I’ve started to use the word “woman”! That shows I am older now and I am expected to be wise enough in every single thing. Welcome me, adulthood!) He treats women well, that's for sure. I bet women will always longing for a guy like him. Good looking, with handsome amount of money, and charming as well. I always dream for fairytales, just like Vivien but hey, fairytales will always be fairytales, they are just too good to be true. They remain that way and yes, they DO NOT EXIST! I mean is a man like Edward Lewis really exist? Is a man with the list of Brian Adam’s songs really exist? Dream on, I know. And even if he does, he’s already taken. Sheeeesh. So, no point. So my point here is that I would like to recommend you people to watch this movie (or maybe I’m a bit too late since it was released on March 23rd, 1990, two days before my fourth birthday, Geee) and should I say it’s the best comedy-and-romance movie I have ever watched in my life. (But some say I exaggerate.) *rolling eyes*