Wednesday, December 8, 2010

My Day. My Way.

It is 2.30 a.m. and I am still wide awake. I know my Mr. Superman dislikes the fact that I do stay up to catch up with the blogs and other virtual activities. But darling, I do need this once in a while, it's kind of therapy for me. I hope you don't mind ;)This is going to be a very short and brief post. (konon). hehs. Let's go by number. I love them numbers :P
  1. I have completed my degree (I bet you are gonna cry if I let you know the painful hardships that I faced, the struggles that I went through especially during this final semester. Sobs.) and officially unemployed. It does not worry me at all for the past three weeks but it's started to bother me when all of my friends are just too busy hunting for jobs and some of them had already been accepted at firms in various fields and finding job has become a hot issue (who got this who failed that sort of things you know) and it freaks me out. Why on earth would they have to kill the joy? haisy.
  2. I am enjoying the moment of pampering myself with free food and shelter, handsome amount of pocket money (which gets thinner day by day) together with long hours of sleep (they come in a package you know) while I still can.
  3. I am still madly in love with that Mr. after hundred of days (I wish to type "years" hehs) together. And I love PDA. If you don't, you're just being jealous I suppose :P No, I'm serious.
  4. I bought several new outfits without giving them proper thought and I ended up disfavoring them (together with a tinge of regret thinking that I could possibly afford another trip to any domestic destination of choice for a one last perfect vacation of the year) and I thought of letting them go but.... (yeah there's a lot of butss here. and "plus" and "because" too. Sigh sigh. )
  5. I went out with my friend mimi and my second cousin yanie and had a blast. I am longing for such girls-day-out for quite long.
  6. I still think that she's just so mean. And there were three mean "she" and a few other "bitches" that I had encountered for the past four years. And I wish neither to meet another mean "she" nor "bitch" just so you know how much I hate drama and the drama queen ya.
  7. I am still random and cynical. And I do curse occasionally. Still. Not change.
  8. I am still at failure to organize my writing in a good flow. I jump here and there. Often.
  9. I miss the lover. Therefore I decided to upload his picture here. (Alasan. Hehs.)
Presenting...Mr Love Love. Anda tak suka tak apa. Saya suka. Haha. 

10. Just because I had fun just now, I've decided to (again) upload some pictures we took. Together with    my "sweet november" moment :)

 the power of three
 the "fun and witty" us (konon) :P
 the beautiful background :)
 the beautiful with the brain ladies (ahem.) :P
 the excited me. lol.
 the beautiful scenery :)
 love them colors!
 the penyibuk me :P Introducing yanie my second cousin everyone :D
 fly me kite!
 saya nak jawab!
 the happy us
 the mengada me
     the happy three friends :D
the sulky boyfriend. eh! :D

meng sms untuk memujuk the merajuk encik boyfriend. eheh. ILU :-*

Yeah. It's all-about-me day ya. Jangan menyampah pls. The sweet november moment will be posted in the next post la. Otherwise this blog will turn into a photoblog pula. Huhu. Till then. Taaa~


AM SYA said...

lewatnye update belog!

ya yayyy~saye suke photopages! ;p


Muammar said...

unemployed? xpe..rehat2 dulu..hik2~

SyAhiRah LaLAla said...

syasya: saya pun suka juga! hehe. syasya pls ajar i pkai tdung syria bg tak bulat. i pkai jd kelakar. sobsob.

am: tulah. tgh berehat la ni. diorg tu yg eksaited sangat. huhu.