Monday, October 18, 2010


hello people.
it's been a while yeah (like always) hehs.
i just feel like blogging though i have my AE (academic exercise) to edit.
today i feel so alive. despite the fact that i did not sleep the whole night yesterday, i managed to put a smiley face the whole day.
i am so light-hearted today. i don't know why.
maybe it's because of the coffee break i had with my lovely cousin this afternoon and the hu-ha session with her. we were laughing all the way sampai cramp mulut. haha. thanks kak ayu.
or maybe i am just grateful of what i have and what i have gone through so far.
though not all of it are sweet like candy, i have sour-hard times too. but yeah, God blessed me, i am still here standing still looking pretty *puke* hehs.
i just want to share my random thoughts here. it's really random, no offense. i am taking a break from my AE.

  • i hate copy cats by all means. yeah, go get a life. loser sangat kn.
  • i was cranky, i mean really cranky yesterday. sorry mr. superman. kesian anda. saya amat menyesal.
  • i wonder what would i do, who would i be in a month time from now. hmm.
  • i have a mixed feeling to leave shah alam. but i think it's more on the positive side kot. hehs.
  • i cannot wait for 30.10.2010. (to whom it may concern, be ready.) :P
  • i want to go home having mommy's laksa, (oh sedapnya!) indulging myself with well and healthy food instead of chicken flavored maggi mee as routine dinner, and be surrounded by loved ones. heaven!
  • i can tolerate blue now (it's an old lame fact anyway. next.)
  • i managed not to become indecisive for once this afternoon. haha.
  • i wonder how much would it cost to fix my crooked teeth (and crooked mind of mine.)
  • i was caffeinated and high. haha.
  • i want to be happy, at all times :)
oh i can't wait for long hours of beautiful sleep to come, i can't wait for times when i don't have to think of even a single thing on mind. miss storybooks (i have three new untouched novels) wait for me ya. i am just tired of being busy. but i am almost done. so please excuse me :P
will be back, soon ;)

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