Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Bitter-sweet Memories (Part 2)

I was so touched when my junior who is now going for practicum at my previous school, told me yesterday, that my students are missing me. They asked my junior whether or not she knows their teacher, Miss Syahirah and the moment she said yes, the students started to tell her that they miss me so bad, they wanted me back, because I was kind, I never got angry in class, I never scold them. I am talking about my 1Gigih class. (If and only if they know of how many times I've been crying for all the hard times they've given me, they would never think I am a cool trainee teacher. LOL.)  It's a pleasure knowing that I am still being remembered and they are still keeping all the good memories we had together. :)


ayumiyoshida said...

wah cekgu baik,, huhu =)

que said...

yeke cikgu dikenang.. ke cikgu dikutuk blakang2~

Muammar said...

syaira...dh lame gler u x update blog..