Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Welcome Back

Hello everyone! It's been ages aite? I am so irresponsible for neglecting the blog. Pardon me for that. I am now having my longest break which makes me feel like in heaven after a great struggle to survive being a trainee teacher at a school where English is their everyday language and i-phone is nothing to them. And I am a drowning anchovy among the jaws in the sea. (That's the comparison of myself as a trainee as compared to senior teachers.) I've got mixed-up experience there, which I'll be telling later. And I am now 24. I was so absorbed with my school life that I could not find time to blog. This is just a short welcome-back post from me. And so, welcome me (back) blogging world. I'll do some catching-up with you guys on the list. Watch out :P


idatazira said...

yeyeyy welcome welcome :D

lielyana!!! said...

stuju..klo prac mmg xde mse ngan blog..btw..cite la psl skolh.cm best je..so far li2 xpnh g skolah cggih cmtu lg

mynameisyuyu said...

and which school was dat..?

SyAhiRah LaLAla said...

idatazira: yeay! TQ babe :-*

lielyana: eheh. tu akak poyo je tu :P meh meh nak cite ni :D

mynameisyuyu: it's usj 13 for god's sake (shhh) :P