Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Very Quick Update

Heyya. U know what, I forgot my password! Ah-ha! No kidding! I was visiting my blog list and commenting on a few posts. To enable myself to comment, I am required to login and there I stumbled, desperately trying to recall my average-long password. I have to sit back and relax, only after a while I could remember it. Betapalah lamanya tak sign in. Haha. I'd love to blog, I'd love to read other's blogs but I hardly get the chance to online for blogging purpose. I realized that my life is fully occupied with tons of assignments now. I have very limited time to socialize. Kesian kan? So friends, janganlah kecil hati kalau lama saya tak melawat blog kamu ya. It's not that I forget or not interested in reading yours. Bukan. If I have free time, I will surely go and visit, promise.
[p/s: It's such a lonely day. Oh I hate this part. Isk.]


criestz said...

ololo sdey nye cite..
tula langkali akak boh je name sy..
kalu akak lupe pswrd ak bley tnye sy kn kn.. bgos tol idea sy..

akak xslalu bukak pon xpe..
yg pnting akak owg y ke-41 !!
tahniah akak blom lg org y ke-50 so awl la jgk kn wish sy..

tp belated.. huhu
pape pon ku syg kak syalala ku (**,)

SyAhiRah LaLAla said...

hello adik ihsan. bernas jgk idea kamu tu ye :P